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Family Law & Divorce Representation in San Francisco & the Greater Bay Area

A family law case touches all aspects of a person’s life, and is often wrenching and life changing, impacting finance, children, career, and home. At such a time, a party wants an attorney with significant experience, skilled in both negotiating and litigating, and dedicated to finding a way to resolve and end the pain of the process in a fair and dignified manner.

Experienced Counsel to Resolve Difficult Matters

The Law Offices of Robert J. Rothman has over 30 years of experience handling complex and high conflict cases in divorces, custody and visitation, relocation, valuation of businesses and professional practices, venture capital and hedgefund issues, tracing, child and spousal support, attorney fee requests, domestic violence, premarital agreement, and enforcement of judgments and orders and contempt matters.

The firm seeks to resolve cases by negotiation if possible, to minimize cost, time and emotional travail. If however, a negotiated resolution is not possible, then efficient, effective and directed litigation will be used. The firm’s extensive experience before the courts in San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda, Marin, Santa Clara and Sonoma provide quick and focused attention to a client’s needs. The firm also utilizes private judges and retired judges when appropriate.

Use of Experts on Complex Matters

Many cases, involving financial issues and custody, will call for the retention of forensic accountants, investment bankers, economists, custody evaluators, psychologists, vocational evaluators, and other similar experts. The firm has relationships with such experts and will utilize them when necessary.

Responsiveness and Dedication to Each Client’s Case

The Law Offices of Robert J. Rothman prides itself on quick responses to client’s inquiries, whether by phone or email, prompt transmittal by scan/email of all correspondence and pleadings relating to a client’s matter, and availability by email or phone for emergencies on weekends and holidays.