Client Testimonials

Below are various statements about the Law Offices of Robert J. Rothman made by former clients, as posted on Google and Yelp.

Robert Rothman is an outstanding attorney and a gentleman! Working with Robert was an exceptional experience.

Before I met Robert I had worked with 3 different attorneys over 5 years and still was not divorced. Our divorce involved a child. Among other disagreements, we had irreconcilable child support issues. We had tried everything and we were stuck.

I met with Robert for an hour. He very quickly grasped the details of our situation and described a path to resolve our marriage. He believed he could resolve our marriage fairly quickly and without drama. I was elated by the thought but remained skeptical. I trusted Robert understood my situation well and so was greatly relieved to turn it all over to him.

Robert facilitated a very favorable resolution of my marriage within one month of our first contact! He got it done at the very first meeting of our two parties. It was not rushed and there was no drama. It took about two hours in conference and an hour with the judge and our divorce was finalized! I was expecting many more months and expense. I walked out of court divorced that day! It was astounding. Robert was astounding. And Robert was an absolute gentleman with everyone. He put everyone at ease and lead us through the process.

I am so grateful for Robert's acumen, his legal expertise, and for his kind and gentle manner.

Scott C.

former client

After an enormous expenditure of money in a collaborative setting that didn't resolve a single issue, I was referred to Robert Rothman, an experienced and expert family law attorney on complicated issues involving two businesses, custody of our children, move away request and support. My ex fought me in court and Robert won each time we went to court. She then became more reasonable and with his help I was able to resolve my entire case--in 4 months. Robert is meticulous in his preparation, and very bright and strategic. Even more impressive, for me, since my case was largely about my children, and not just money, was his child-centric approach. He always reminded me to make choices in the children's best interest. This meant a lot to me because my kids are the most important people in my life. Robert is very empathetic and supportive, and has stayed in touch me even after my case has ended. I heartily recommend him for anyone who wants expert counsel on issues as complicated as business valuation and complex custody matters.

C. Caiazzo

former client

I came to Robert J. Rothman when my husband refused to mediate and he had hired an aggressive attorney, and I needed strong representation. Then an incident of domestic violence made me glad that I had chosen Robert, who quickly obtained a restraining order. The case was very difficult, including many hearings and complexities regarding support and property division. At all times Robert stood up for my interests and never backed down and obtained a settlement that protected me. I have and will recommend him to friends in the future. Additionally, he has a high level of integrity and caring.

Elizabeth Schwab

former client

Robert is an outstanding attorney! I was in desperate need of representation when my formerly amicable ex-husband lawyered up and presented me with a very lopsided separation agreement. The Ex could easily afford a lawyer and I could not. Robert was recommended to me by two different colleagues and his expertise made all the difference in my life. He is a skilled negotiator and knows the law inside and out. He was able to redirect the negotiations with tact and the resulting agreement was much more equitable. He was always very prompt with responses to my questions and did his best to minimize my costs. Not only is he an excellent attorney, he's a very nice man. I highly recommend him!

Julia Johnson

former client

Robert Rothman was my consulting attorney for my divorce. He effectively helped bring difficult negotiations to a close. He is knowledgeable and time-efficient. He is devoted to his work in helping his clients understand their legal rights and to ultimately finalizing negotiations with care and discernment.

Katherine V.

former client

Robert is very professional and as sharp as they come. He really knows his law and he was able to secure a fair settlement for me during a very difficult time. I would and have recommended him without hesitation.

Tom B.

former client

Robert Rothman was recommended to me by a trusted friend when I was looking for a divorce attorney, and upon meeting with him, I felt that he best understood the situation, but more importantly knew the best way to handle it in a way that would be fair and agreeable for all parties.

Since I had never hired an attorney before, hiring Robert was a leap of faith. Now that it is all said and done, I'm glad my trust in him paid off. Not only was he responsive and diligent, he was able to foster a solution-oriented dynamic rather than a hostile one. There may be times when hostility is warranted (and I'm sure he has the skills to apply here if necessary), but he knew my situation would not benefit from this approach. Instead, he worked with my ex wife's attorney to come up with agreement that was fair to all parties and avoided a court battle, which would have ended me financially.

When heads are hot, it's real easy to go all in, guns blazing (as I'm sure most divorce cases are), so it's worth every penny when you have an attorney who has your long term interests in mind when approaching a case.

If you want to waste time and money on pit bulling a case, any lawyer will do. If you want someone who does it right and has the long view and your big picture interests as his priority, then Robert Rothman is your guy!

Jim L.

former client

After interviewing various highly recommended divorce lawyers, I chose Robert Rothman, and was extremely pleased with the results. He is as knowledgeable and expert in the field of divorce law as they get, and his years of experience and success speak to that fact. If you are in a position to negotiate with your former loved one, then by all means I advise arriving at a mutually beneficial agreement. Treat your ex loved one as you would want to be treated. Be kind and fair. If you are unable to arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement, then you definitely want Robert Rothman on your side. He has the legal knowledge and experience to guide you through the process. If you're scaling the Everest of dissolution, he's your Sherpa. For all you river rafters out there, if you are facing those scary huge rapids, he's that expert guide who will get you safely to shore!

Tasha I.

former client

I had never hired an attorney before and was very unsure about which one to use. I started asking people if they were going through a divorce, which three attorneys’ would they want to represent them. Of the seven people I asked, everyone of them referenced Robert Rothman as one of their three. I met with multiple attorneys over the following weeks and then with Robert. He was different than the others I met with which made me feel very comfortable while speaking with him. He seemed to genuinely care about my family. He understood the significance of the case and the consequences had things not gone well.

Robert has proven himself to be invaluable in handling my divorce, as well as the very difficult post-dissolution custody issues. With Robert guiding me I have prevailed in each court motion and have been able to protect my child. Robert is incredibly thorough, conscientious, and well prepared. He is a force in court and also a strong advocate for doing the right thing. I have recommended him to colleagues and friends and will continue to do so in the future.

Andy G.

former client

Robert helped me through an unexpected and difficult divorce. From our initial meeting, I knew I was in good hands and he would help me navigate through something I knew nothing about. He was patient in explaining things to me, answering questions and offering solutions to save money. He was there when I needed him and stepped back when I didn't. I felt very protected and ended up with a fair settlement. I would highly recommend Robert Rothman.

Lisa Vipina

former client